Climate Crisis Transnational Concert: LiveHOPE is the LiveAID & Woodstock of the 21st Century!

Call for Direct Action to Restore the Climate & Environment

Worldwide – Standiing Rock, Ethiopia, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, Sept. 23, 2019 – The LiveHOPE Festival is an Indigenous people led climate crisis and environment emergency concert taking place simultaneously in different countries. More than 2 years in the planning, the LiveHOPE Festival is immediately launching a series of global actions, leading up to a seven days massive global multi-city LiveAID styled event taking place from September 17 through 23, 2020. LiveHOPE is the LiveAID & Woodstock of the 21st Century.

The organizers of LiveHOPE are grassroots environmentalists, Indigenous peoples and social activists that emerged from the Standing Rock NODAPL global pipeline protest and the People’s Climate March. The people most disenfranchised and affected by poverty, the climate crisis, and environmental emergency are stepping up to organize LiveHOPE. Taking direct action to restore the climate and our environment. We cannot hope for our political leaders to take action on these emergencies; we have to do it ourselves.

The LiveHOPE organizers are the keepers of the Tree of Life blueprint (a Planetary Restoration Plan (aka the Earth Restoration Plan) for the future of humanity; LiveHOPE is the implementation of the blueprint to restore the climate and our environment, while simultaneously ending global poverty in our lifetime.

“LiveHOPE supports Natural Law, which is the protection of all Creation, life, water, trees, animals, humanity, and air. All life is sacred. We must defend life. Indigenous peoples have been at the forefront of defending life and Mother Earth worldwide, putting their bodies and lives on the line. LiveHOPE honors the hundreds of indigenous activists that have been assassinated annually for defending the sacred, including the tribes in the front lines fighting the fires in the Amazon Jungle, says Sheri Lewis, an Executive Producer of LiveHOPE Festival from the Coahuiltecan/Lipan Apache (Adopted by Dine’ (Navajo).

For the 35th+ anniversary of LiveAID, the LiveHOPE Festival is putting out an “Urgent Call to Action and Open Invitation” for the world’s most socially conscious artists, people and organizations to join hands with indigenous people to take direct action on this inter-linked climate, humanitarian, and environmental emergencies, with a focus on restoring the climate and the environment. We will also provide relief for the disasters caused by climate change including providing food and water to the 45 million people in the drought-stricken Horn of Africa (worst drought of the 21st century), protecting the Amazon Rainforest from fires and helping the 70,000 people devastated by hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. This is an emergency and we need all hands on deck to put out the fire.

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