Earth Shares represents your inherent sovereign birthright to the benefits of the Earth


“Earth Shares is the birthright of every man, woman, and child to be able to receive their inheritance to the Earth. The Earth Shares represent that inherent sovereign birthright”

The LiveHOPE Festival is working with Mother Earth Trust to register people on the blockchain to receive their Earth Shares.

Note: shares are for a limited time only, and may be withdrawn at anytime. Our initial goal is to register 1 million people  for the Earth Shares before the LiveHOPE Festival.

Sooner or later, we will have to recognise that the Earth has rights, too, to live without pollution. What mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can live without humans. – Evo Morales


  • Common Shares: these are shares for individuals with voting privileges, and the shareholder has been verified;
  • Reserve Shares: these are shares for individuals with non-voting rights, limited-privileges, and the shareholder has not been verified;
  • Earth Steward Shares: these are upgraded shares with additional privileges for top-performing Common Shareholders who protect and restore the Earth, as well as top performers in tackling the environmental, humanitarian & climate emergencies centered on the Enhanced SDGs.
  • Founding Shares: these are the founders of the LiveHope Festival and their main partners;
  • Corporate Shares: shares owned by organizations with no voting rights. These shares can only be subscribed by invitation only. The only privilege offered to Corporate Shareholders is that they can provide services, and sell products to our Earth Shareholders.

I think people who are creative are the luckiest people on earth. I know that there are no shortcuts, but you must keep your faith in something Greater than You, and keep doing what you love. Do what you love, and you will find the way to get it out to the world. – Judy Collins


There are many benefits and privileges of becoming registered and verified Earth Shareholders. There are too many benefits to list here, but here are some of the main benefits:

  • You can vote on global issues that affect you;
  • You will be a beneficiary of the Earth Sovereign Wealth Fund;
  • You can vote on which sustainable projects to fund;
  • You will be rewarded with money, currencies, prizes, credits, tickets & social recognition for protecting and restoring the Earth.
  • You become wealthier by collectively restoring the Earth;
  • You become wealthier by collectively tackling the environmental, humanitarian & climate emergencies. 
  • Group insurance;
  • Scholarships;
  • Low-interest and zero-interest loans;
  • Group discounts;
  • Receive recognition for doing good;
  • You can pass on the Earth Shares to future generations;
  • By accumulating rewards for social good, you can create additional Generational Earth Shares for your children and grandchildren.

I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use. —Mother Teresa


Since Planet Earth is the source of all life, wealth, health, and happiness you as an Earth Shareholder agree as follows:

  • You agree to strive for a Healthy Planet, and a just world;
  •  You agree to follow the Mother Earth Constitution;
  • You undertake to actively protect the health of Planet Earth and the welfare of all living things in it;
  • You agree to put people and planet first before corporate profits;
  • You undertake to bring in a new economic system centered on the wellbeing of all life on Planet Earth, called the Living Economic System.

The Earth is what we all have in common.—Wendell Berry


Earth Sovereign Wealth Fund is a fund that will be collectively created by humanity with a mission to restore the Earth, to end global poverty, and to fulfill the Enhanced Sustainable Development Goals.

The main source of the assets used to generate the funds is from the Earth itself, including the mineral rights, trees, freshwater, and ecosystem services provided by nature, which we call Natural Capital Assets. The value of the Natural Capital Assets is calculated through the Natural Captial Accounting Principles. Other types of assets include manufactured assets and intellectual property assets.

The restored Natural Capital Assets (like cleanup polluted lakes) and new Natural Capital Assets (like planted trees) will be tracked on an alternative Living Economic System built on the blockchain that generates new wealth by restoring the Earth; this new economic system is created by modeling the World Bank’s Natural Capital Accounting System on the blockchain and powered with a new asset-backed community currency called the Earth Dollar. 

Also, the use of funds, artists’ expenditures, donations, the SDG metrics, environmentally and social impacts will be openly and transparently tracked via blockchain technology.