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We need a (r)evolution to save Planet Earth. It starts with sponsoring & partnering with LiveHOPE!


The LiveHOPE Festival is looking for both sponsors and partners to make the event successful.

  • Parters are usually non-profit organizations, governments, other event organizers, production companies, and fully integrated technology companies.
  • Sponsors are usually companies providing financial support or in-kind services to the LiveHOPE Festival. Partners can be sponsors also.


Event sponsorship can be defined as a critical source of funding for all kinds of events where companies, nonprofits, and small businesses give a certain amount of cash or incentives, in exchange for both visibility and brand awareness at an event. Event sponsorship is an effective and powerful marketing tool to increase and reinforce brand awareness among targeted niche markets.

Nature is the foundation of all capital. Without clean air, clean water, trees, animals, and other forms of life we would not be able to survive. There cannot be any business on a dead planet. – David Kam, Founder of the LiveHOPE Festival.


1. Media sponsors

LiveHOPE Festival is expected to be broadcasted to 2 billion people in 100 different countries over the next 2 years, so this can provide sponsors with plenty of publicity, and media sponsors. 

Media sponsors are able to provide financial aid in securing media coverage for LiveHOPE Festival. For example, a media sponsor might pay for a LiveHOPE Festival advertisement in a local paper or cover the cost of filming a TV commercial. 

In some cases, the media sponsor may also publicize LiveHOPE Festival through their social media channels, write an article in a publication, or even publish a blog post about your event and organization on their blog/website. This is all done in an exchange for sponsorship benefits.

These include:

  • brand recognition on TV, social media, smartphones or the Internet on LiveHOPE Festival media properties;        
  • displaying a banner or virtual or live booth at LiveHOPE Festival
  • brand recognition in print materials and LiveHOPE Festival websites
  •  priority access such as VIP and exclusive interviews at LiveHOPE Festival

Similar to media sponsors, promotional partners are people who are public figures, bloggers, or local celebrities who have a lot of followers to help promote the LiveHOPE Festival to their own customer or fan bases.

2. Cash / Financial sponsors

As the name suggests, cash or financial sponsors, are sponsors who literally give money to LiveHOPE Festival in exchange for the benefits outlined in a sponsorship agreement. This may include logo placement on television, signage or promotional materials, pre-event content creation, promotions, and keynote speeches at LiveHOPE.

3. In-kind sponsors

Unlike cash or financial sponsors, in-kind sponsors donate products or services instead of offering cash. For example, a hotel may offer free use of its facilities to LiveHOPE as a form of sponsorship. In this regard, the hotel is not making a cash contribution, but rather serving as a location sponsor.

4. Promotional partners

Similar to media sponsors, promotional partners are people who are public figures, bloggers, or local celebrities who have a lot of followers to help promote LiveHOPE to their own customer or fan bases.

Where flowers bloom, so does hope.-Lady Bird Johnson