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Earth Dollar is the World’s First Asset-Backed Cryptocurrency with Intrinsic Value!


The Earth Dollar is the world’s first cryptocurrency with an “intrinsic value”, backed by the Natural Capital Assets of the Earth. The Earth Dollar is being developed to help fulfill the Enhanced Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by 2030. These Goals cover a broad range of social and economic development issues, which include poverty, hunger, health, education, climate change, water, sanitation, energy, environment and social justice. Participating in the Earth Dollar allows people to “Do Well by Doing Good” and sets a new benchmark in the cryptocurrency world, creating the foundation for a new sustainable and transparent economy centered on the wellbeing of all life on our planet.

Creating a Living Economy centered on the well being of all life on our planet is a necessity for the survival of the human race.


Earth Dollar is an asset-based community currency that will power a new economic system, and is part of our SDG platform built on the blockchain, which we called the Living Economic System. We have combined the Natural Capital Accounting System (“NCAS”) with blockchain technology, which is a series of inter-linked and interconnected blockchains to track the revitalization of the Natural Capital Assets and the SDGs. Using blockchain technology to categorize, monitor, track and monetize the micro-changes in SDG metrics and Natural Capital Assets is essential to restoring the Earth. We will be issuing EarthDollar Community Currency using the ERC20 standard that act as digital fuel for the functioning and development of our unique blockchain-based Living Economic System, infrastructure, products and services that integrate natural capital assets via smart contracts, smart assets tokens, and digital token exchange. We anticipate building the Living Economic System (SDG based) on a high-speed and scalable Blockchain 3.0 technology, enhanced with StealthGrid™ quantum-secured blockchain technology. The Earth Dollar will also be the world’s first anti-inflationary currency because we are incorporating an artificial intelligence controlled mechanism in the system to ensure the buying power remains constant.

The Earth Dollar is expected to be the world’s largest asset-backed currency, with 3.63 trillion CHF (Swiss Francs) of assets used to back its value.


how asset backing works, asset backing earth dollarWhat sets Earth Dollar apart from other cryptocurrencies is that it is backed by real assets. To date, seven Indigenous Nations and government districts have pledged an estimated 18,000,000 hectares of land to be designated and protected as World Heritage Sanctuaries, with an estimated initial value of 7.80 trillion CHF (Swiss Francs) Euros (Net Present Value). We will initially be using 3.63 trillion CHF (Swiss Francs) to back the value of the Earth Dollar. The value of these sponsored assets will be coded into the Earth Dollar blockchain in the form of Smart Contracts, which will create Smart Asset Tokens. Once the system is fully operational, the tokens can be exchanged for Earth Dollars.



Members of the Earth Dollar Association are eligible to participate in the Community Currency Sale. Joining the Earth Dollar Association is free. However, the EarthDollar Community Currency Sale is restricted to jurisdictions that allow token sales and initial coin offerings (ICOs).

The Earth Dollar can help shift our economy from competition to cooperation, from extraction to restoration, and bring peace on Earth.